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BILE 101

Let's talk bile recycling since it's such an important aspect to our entire health.

1. Bile is made in the liver. Bile is comprised of water, bilirubin & bile acids. Secreted by all salts consist of 95% recycled bile & 5% new bile salts.

2. Bile travels from the liver to the gallbladder through the bile ducts. The gallbladder stores the concentrated bile for later use.

3. When eating a meal w/ fat, bile is released from the gallbladder through common bile ducts into the duodenum portion of the small intestine to begin digesting & absorbing that fat.

4. Then the remaining bile travels through the intestine.

5. About 5% of that bile continues to travel through the colon & is released through bowel movements, taking w/ it unwanted toxins, such as parasites, biofilm, mold, metals, chemicals, viruses & bacteria.

6. 95% of the bile will be absorbed across the intestine & recycle back to the liver.


◾Bile is solely made from the fat that we ingest daily & is needed for healthy bile & bile flow. Low fat diets are one reason why gallstones are so common

◾Because our bile is made from our dietary fat, fat is essential & it's a use it or lose it type situation. A low fat diet will reduce bile production & bile flow

◾Bile is an expensive process in the body, it takes a lot of energy for the body to make bile, which is why around 95% will be absorbed & recycled back to the liver

◾Bile & its toxins can be recycled up to 17 times before the bile is finally excreted

◾Our body doesn't want to waste any bile because it takes a lot of energy to make, which is bittersweet. On one hand, we are conserving energy by recycling bile, but we are also reabsorbing toxins that were dumped into the bile from the liver, another reason to be sure things are as clean as possible

◾You want thin free flowing bile. It's our "river of toxins" which allows for mobilization of toxins via the bile & you want that happening on an on-going basis

◾The issue arises when you have stagnation in that pathway, it will negatively affect all other areas of health (even hormones, mood & weight) & affect other drainage pathways too


  • castor oil packs

  • sweating/sauna code MELISSA

  • dry skin brushing

  • cupping over the liver/gallbladder (or even the splenic flexture)

  • coffee enemas

  • binders

  • massage

  • nasal rinsing

  • fascia work

  • movement

  • nasal breathing

  • deep belly breathing breathwork

  • limit wifi

  • chiropractic

  • acupuncture

  • PEMF mat

  • prana mat

  • parasite cleansing

  • emotional release work - the liver is the seat of all emotions


  • the liver support kit + biotoxin binder (TUDCA is the king of bitters and very effective)

  • the para kit after 30 days of opening drainage w/the liver support kit + biotoxin

  • *zypan or *Betaine HCL for optimal stomach acid (key)

  • minerals such as *Quinton

  • *adrenal cocktail

  • *AF Betafood

  • *choline

  • *bitters such as digest forte

  • * these nutrients are found in my fullscript, in my LIVER/GALLBLADDER support protocol. And free priority shipping on first order and free shipping at $50 on return orders

  • bach flower essences found in my fullscript under BACH FLOWERS protocol along with a free flowers questionnaire


  • CELLCORE: the liver support kit, biotoxin binder or the jump start kit.

  1. Register for free here at Cellcore.

  2. Enter my practitioner code to register for free: AQWXV4Cs

  3. GOOD - BETTER - BEST protocols

  4. In general, the BEST place to start is the jump start kit or phase 1 of the comprehensive protocol, which is the same protocol, along with the liver support kit for example. And once you've run those drainage kits for a minimum of 30 days, you can consider the para kit, the parasite cleanse kit

  5. A BETTER protocol is the liver support kit + biotoxin binder (30 days, then + para kit)

  6. A GOOD protocol is the liver support kit + biotoxin binder


1. Digestion

2. Absorption

3. Excretion/Elimination


● Breaking down fats from food, including fat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K

● Bile supports protein, fat & carb digestion

● Bile is critical in making optimal stomach acid

● Assists enzymes & helps maintain a healthy pH of the stomach

● Bile serves to neutralize chyme & stomach acid passed from the stomach into the small intestine

● Cholecystokinin stimulates your gallbladder to contract & release bile into your small intestine


● Bile promotes a balanced microbiome to lower pathogen susceptibility

● Bile is also essential for absorbing fats, fatty acids, cholesterol, iron, calcium & vitamins

● Bile salts help w/ the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K

● Bile is necessary for healthy bm's. NOTE: if your poop floats (which is the fat in your stool), you're lacking healthy bile secretion & fats are not being digested properly & absorbed


● Bile removes toxins, biofilm, bacteria, parasites, mold, etc..

● Bile also removes excess estrogen, hormones, bilirubin & cholesterol

● Bile removes metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury, zinc & copper

● All toxins get dumped into the bile from the liver (phase 3 liver detox) & leave via the colon

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Without this final step toxin removal fails & toxins recirculate, reabsorb & build back up in the body

If you struggle with liver, gallbladder & bile issues which can manifest as trapped gas, constipation, burping, pale stools, fatty liver, toxin buildup, gallstones, foul smelling gas, eczema / psoriasis & other skin issues, nausea & bloating, also night blindness, yellowing of the eyes, rage, anger, stubbornness & indecisiveness; the true question to ask yourself is "WHY, WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE" - bc these are manifesting merely as symptoms of deeper imbalances that have been missed.

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