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Bach Flower Questionnaire

Updated: Jan 26

Bach Flower Essences & Questionnaire

This questionnaire can help you learn the different type of emotional imbalance that each Dr. Bach Flower Essences (38) addresses. This is not a diagnosis. For information and education only.


__I hide my feelings behind a façade of cheerfulness

__I dislike arguments and often give in to avoid conflict

__I turn to food, work, alcohol, drugs, etc. when down


__I feel anxious without knowing why

__I have a secret fear that something bad will happen

__I wake up feeling anxious


__I get annoyed by the habits of others

__I focus on others' mistakes

__I am critical and intolerant


__I often neglect my own needs to please

__I find it difficult to say "no"

__I tend to be easily influenced


__I constantly second-guess myself

__I seek advice, mistrusting my own intuition

__I often change my mind out of confusion

Cherry Plum

__I'm afraid I might lose control of myself

__I have sudden fits of rage

__I feel like I'm going crazy

Chestnut Bud

__I make the same mistakes over and over

__I don't learn from my experience

__I keep repeating the same patterns


__I need to be needed and want my loved ones close

__I feel unloved and unappreciated by my family

__I easily feel slighted and hurt


__I often feel spacey and absent minded

__I find myself unable to concentrate for long

__I get drowsy and sleep more than necessary

Crab Apple

__I am overly concerned with cleanliness

__I feel unclean or physically unattractive

__I tend to obsess over little things


__I feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities

__I don't cope well under pressure

__I have temporarily lost my self-confidence


__I become discouraged with small setbacks

__I am easily disheartened when faced with difficulties

__I am often skeptical and pessimistic


__I feel hopeless, and can't see a way out

__I lack faith that things could get better in my life

__I feel sullen and depressed


__I am obsessed with my own troubles

__I dislike being alone and I like to talk

__I usually bring conversations back to myself


__I am suspicious of others

__I feel discontented and unhappy

__I am full of jealousy, mistrust, or hate


__I'm often homesick for the "way it was"

__I think more about the past than the present

__I often think about what might have been


__I often feel too tired to face the day ahead

__I feel mentally exhausted

__I tend to put things off


__I find it hard to wait for things

__I am impatient and irritable

__I prefer to work alone


__I lack self-confidence

__I feel inferior and often become discouraged

__I never expect anything but failure


__I am afraid of things such as spiders, illness, etc.

__I am shy, overly sensitive, and modest

__I get nervous and embarrassed


__I get depressed without any reason

__I feel my moods swinging back and forth

__I get gloomy feelings that come and go


__I tend to overwork and keep on in spite of exhaustion

__I have a strong sense of duty and never give up

__I neglect my own needs in order to complete a task


__I feel completely exhausted, physically and/ or mentally

__I am totally drained of all energy with no reserves left

__I have just been through a long period of illness or stress


__I feel unworthy and inferior

__I often feel guilty

__I blame myself for everything that goes wrong

Red Chestnut

__I am overly concerned and worried about my loved ones

__I am distressed and disturbed by other people's problems

__I worry that harm may come to those I love

Rock Rose

__I sometimes feel terror and panic

__I become helpless and frozen when afraid

__I suffer from nightmares

Rock Water

__I set high standards for myself

__I am strict with my health, work &/or spiritual discipline

__I am very self-disciplined, always striving for perfection


__I find it difficult to make decisions

__I often change my opinions

__I have intense mood swings

Star of Bethlehem

__I feel devastated due to a recent shock

__I am withdrawn due to traumatic events in my life

__I have never recovered from loss or fright