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Updated: Feb 21

What is Fullscript? Fullscript is a personalized, self-navigating online dispensary where you can access the highest-quality supplements — from anywhere in the US, at a discounted rate & have them shipped to you.

Some protocol examples in my Fullscript for you:

  • MCAS, mast cell activation

  • chemical disaster support

  • RSV and flu

  • spleen support

  • UTI's

  • stomach acid, GERD

  • B vitamins

  • ulcers

  • bone healing

  • prenatal and pregnancy

  • poison ivy

  • H. pylori

  • biofilm disruptors

  • restless leg

  • nervous system support

  • collar up focal infections

  • protein shake

  • neuro-inflammation/brain on fire

  • EMF mitigation

  • SIBO

  • constipation

  • candida and yeast support

  • hormone support

  • 11 forms of Magnesium and Mg guide

  • foundationals

For individual wellness, I have my favorite nutrients to support thyroid, adrenal health, prenatal, rashes, burns, migraines, restless legs, breast tenderness, menopause, IBS, headaches, dandruff, water retention, swollen feet, chronic fatigue, libido, allergies, brain fatigue, PMS/PMDD and more.

All of these can be purchased with exclusive pricing in my Fullscript store. Simply create a free account to browse my dispensary.


Lots of Q's on getting stuck accessing my Fullscript, this should help.

1. *Be sure to use a laptop or desktop when first registering so you can find the shared protocols tab you'll need at the top. It won't show on a phone.

2. Use my exact FS link to my dispensary to access protocols, always in my bio.

3. The sign in, is also the create new account, so you can do either. Many get confused here.

4. Once there, to locate all of my protocols, click the prescriptions tab at the top, then click the shared protocols tab at the top. You should then see all of my protocols following these steps.

5. Protocols are in alphabetical order, except ones with an asterisk as those move to the top.

6. If you already have a FS with another practitioner, you still will be able to access mine by logging out first of Fullscript (important), then using my exact link and then logging in (must be logged out first)

7. It may say you need an invite from me, you do not, as long as you follow the steps exactly above.


*Please be sure to include your best phone number in your Fullscript bio, so my FS assistant can help you with protocols and help answer supplement and protocol questions!

In addition to a Fullscript assistant, I have a special feature with my dispensary that has a preferred support number and email for any supplement questions for my specific Fullscript:

1-866-471-3388 and

*Be sure this is only used for Q's within and logging into my dispensary, not other practitioners Fullscript dispensaries.

With my Fullscript you will also receive preferred shipping on all orders and free priority shipping for first-time orders. And free shipping at $50 for all re-orders.

Any Q's, please let me know.

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