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In general, the best place to start is the (1) Jump Start kit + and if you want extra liver support (if you’re dealing with gallstones, liver flukes, high liver enzymes, extended belly, right or left side pinching, fat digesting issues, anger, rage, irritability, varicose, veins, dark urine, gas and bloating, hives, itchy skin, rashes or blood sugar  ups and downs) consider adding 

(2 optional) the Liver Support Kit for opening bile ducts and encouraging healthy bile flow. In general, you can ease into implementing the liver support kit along with the jump start kit, about 7-14 days after starting the jump start kit.

30 days of 1 or both of these for opening drainage before the (3) Para Kit, parasite cleanse kit. Here is the code you'll need to register on Cellcore for free AQWXV4Cs. All kits come with dosing instructions.

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15% off for those registered with me thru 12/22. Only sale for the next year with Cellcore.

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My step by step blueprint for foundationals, drainage and parasite cleansing for children, teens and adults. Homeopathics and Cellcore alternatives. Course video, 300 slides and printable protocols, handouts and downloads exclusive to my course, not found in my free guide or on my IG page.

Lifetime immediate access and self-paced.

Protocols include exact dosing and timing for each:

✓MCAS, Histamine and Sensitive Individuals protocol 

✓Drainage Opening for Children (homeopathics) 

✓Drainage Opening for Older Children, Teens and Adults (homeopathics) 

✓Drainage Opening for Adults 

✓Pinworm Support for Kids

✓Pinworm Support for Adults

✓Parasite Support for Kids

✓Parasite Support for Adults

✓Brain Support

✓Ultimate Liver Gallbladder flush 

✓Pregnancy and Breastfeeding support 

✓SIBO protocol, 5 different protocols specific to all 5 gas types

📒Plus over 20 handouts, charts and downloads unique and exclusive to my course:

✓Binders and Associated Mycotoxins chart

✓Click here for the anti-parasitics chart

✓Anti-parasitics chart

✓Antiparasitic rx and Treatments chart

✓Product Correlations chart (chart on product correlations such as which products help with toxic metals, Lyme, parasites, energy pathways, bacteria, ammonia (a waste by-product of parasites, Lyme, candida, mold) etc ..

✓Emotional/ mental illness Support 

✓Bowel toxins list 

✓Types of flukes and life cycles

✓Lab markers for parasites 

✓Lyme Co-infections chart 

✓Phase 4B + Phase 5 

✓DNACONNEXION sample report (see a sample report of an oral test. I highly recommend this test for root canal removal and cavitation extraction surgery.


✓Ozone therapy 

✓Castor oil packs 

✓PEMF therapy 

✓PEMF settings 

✓Classical homeopathics chart

✓Coffee enema guide + breaking the dam technique 

✓Dosing chart (a dosing chart for standard, aggressive, toddler, child and sensitive dosing for every Cellcore product including the latest releases.

✓Binders chart

✓Developmental Stages of the Rope Intestinal Parasite Ropeworm


✓This Is Your Brain on Parasites: A riveting investigation of the myriad ways that parasites control how other creatures — including humans — think, feel, and act.

✓Healing the Gerson Way, valuable for cancers

And more!

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