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Full Moon

Happy full moon!

During the full moon, we produce less (-) melatonin & more (+) serotonin.

Melatonin is the neurotransmitter that helps control your immune system & keep pathogens & parasites in check/balance & serotonin is your feel good neurotransmitter which parasites also have receptors for, so they also have a heightened sense & ability to move around more, making a FM a perfect time to clear them.

With the shift in our biochemistry every month over the full moon, understanding the behind the scenes why we are feeling the way we're feeling mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is very validating & helps us make sense of our symptoms.

Each month on IG, I walk you through parasite cleansing for the 3 day beginners. The full moon always falls on day 2, in the middle of our 3 day cleanses which are designed to clear overgrowth of infection & clear excess.

Again, as a friendly reminder, you must open drainage pathways for a minimum of 30 days prior to parasite cleansing. If you are new here, I have have many resources for you; a start highlight, foundationals highlight, kit highlight, full moon highlight, many parasite highlights & a free drainage & parasite cleansing guide in my bio.

The dates here are listed as a guide when to be sure to grab your para kit by, if you don't already have it on hand. Taking into consideration shipping delays, weekend & holidays.

Prepping your body BEFORE the full moon cleanse is important. Assuming your pathways are already in the process of being opened.


  • Deep REM sleep: Prioritizing your sleep is the #1 health biohack, it affects every aspect of your day, mood, thoughts, cravings & mental/emotional energy. Did you know that your day actually STARTS when you GO TO BED?! Bed grounding mat, oils for deep sleep such as Lavender & Stress Away.

  • BM 2-3 x a day: The colon is basically a twisted tube, it's warm, dark & moist & houses a lot of bacteria. Rinsing the colon & having it uncongested, so you are not re-absorbing your own toxins/fecal matter waste is so important. Colon massage, rebounding/jumprope, vib plate, Mg, hydration, CE's, COPS, a prokinetic such as Bowel Mover by Cellcore.

  • Clean H2O: Never tap water or fridge "filtered H2O". Structuring unit, H2O2 filtration such as AquaTru.

  • Hydrate w/ minerals: CT Minerals by Cellcore are cellular hydration minerals w/ 69 mineral plant extracts, 12 aa's, fulvic & humic acids helping w/ biofilms. I love Quinton minerals too. Rene Quinton's therapy was to reconstruct the damaged cell using seawater, a vital medium that is identical to our extracellular fluid. Found in my Fullscript.

  • Clean up the diet: This is a foundational. I do recommend an ant-inflammatory diet such as avoiding seed oils, grains & dairy + adding healthy fats & proteins & organs.

  • Gut-Brain axis support: HCL, Mag, Probiotics, prokinetic. Can be found in my Fullscript.

  • Intentional movement: Our bodies were designed to move. Movement increases circulation which in turns optimizes mitochondria. Walking, rebounding, vib plate, stretching.

  • Binders & sweating daily: Pushing out debris & mopping it up is a daily staple for optimal health. Biotoxin is a great starting binder. Epsom salt baths, working out & sauna for sweating. Link in bio under Cellcore & my fav RLT sauna.

  • Liver/gb support: COPS, 444 & coffee enemas. Always support the liver.

These are helpful over the FM, which occurs every month, but these are helpful EVEN if you're NOT ready to parasite cleanse.


  • Intense cravings

  • Moody, anxious, heightened sense of emotionality

  • Fatigue

  • Brain foggy

  • Dizziness

  • Vision issues

  • Itchy anus

  • Sleep walking

  • Erratic behavior

  • Mystery pain &/or numbness

  • Coordination loss

  • Seeing parasites in your stool

Be sure to offer your body:

  • Nourishing food

  • Clean air

  • Clean H2O

  • Nature

  • Sunshine

  • Stretching , movement

  • Deep REM sleep

  • Hydrate w/ minerals

  • Gut-Brain axis support

  • Binders & sweating daily

  • Liver/gb support

  • Stress management

  • Open drainage pathways

Remember, parasites hold 6-8 x their weight in other pathogens & toxins such as Lyme, biofilm, metals, chemicals, mold & retroviruses. Now is a good to time target & clear them.

How do you implement that, you ask?

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