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Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales 2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Friends, this 2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday guide contains my favorite items. For many, this is a great time to implement swap outs for a healthier home and healthier lifestyle and support your healing journey and with deep discounts. And I know many of you wait until these savings, since they are the biggest deals of the year. Some links and codes are time sensitive. All companies I love and use are listed here and contain a description, sale dates, code and link. If you run into any techy glitches, please please let me know. I will keep this page updated as BFCM sales roll in, I hope this helps you.

And here is my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE with ideas for stocking stuffers, the home, her (and you) and your pets.


  • gorgeous non-stick, stainless steel cookware and bakeware, I love mine!

  • thru 11/30

  • 30% OFF site wide

  • with my link and code MELISSA30


  • clean air is a critical element for optimal health, especially if dealing w/ allergies, mold, MCAS, histamine flares & chronic illness of any kind such as autoimmune, asthma, etc..

  • thru 12/7

  • save up to $400 on single units and over $1,200 on bundles

  • sale applies with my link HERE, no code needed.


  • aquaTru uses a 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis filtration technology to remove 83 contaminants such as lead, chlorine, nitrates, PFAS ("forever chemicals"), fluoride & Hexavalent chromium, the cancer-causing chemical from the documentary “Erin Brockovich.” This truly would be the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

  • thru 12/7

  • save up to $400 on single units and over $1,000 on bundles

  • sale applies with my link HERE, no code needed.

  • check your water's contaminants HERE


  • one stop shop on black friday cyber monday deals

  • all my fav's are organized in lists/categories for you such as mold, kitchen, bathroom, nebulize/nasal rinse, pets, etc..

  • sales apply with my link HERE, no code needed.


  • bee products are naturally loaded with copper, iron, B1, B2, B6, quercetin and antioxidants, amino acids, anti fungal, anti bacterial and are anti microbial.

  • thru 11/30

  • 30% OFF site wide with code CHEER

  • check them out here

BONCHARGE (formerly BLUblox)

  • You can also reduce the amount of circadian disrupting blue light and cortisol disruption you are exposed to by wearing blue light blocking glasses

  • 25% off site wide until 11/30 with my link below

  • check them out here



  • they're called crucial 4 because they offer deep repairing nutrients to help supplement with the four missing food groups that big pharma corporations and big pharma have been displacing they are superior herbs, biotic extracts, functional mushrooms and minerals.

  • 25-30% off sitewide

  • Free shipping on all orders

  • Free gift with a purchase of $250 or more

  • thru 11/27

  • with code MELISSA

  • check them out here

DALE AUDREY ayurvedic toothpaste

  • fav ayurvedic toothpastes, mouth rinses and oil pulling serums.

  • on going sale

  • 10% OFF site wide with code MELISSA10

  • check them out here


  • emf protection, my favs are my cellphone case, my laptop shield and emf shielding blanket. test and they significantly lower emf's.

  • thru 11/30

  • 15% off all orders up to $200, 20% off orders $200+, and 25% off orders $500+! We will also be offering FREE US shipping, and 50% off international shipping!

  • 12/1-1/1 15% off our entire site + FREE shipping on all US orders and 50% off shipping on international!

  • code SUPER

  • check them out here


  • natural products for v injury and detox, detox baths, magnesium lotions and pain serums

  • thru 11/28

  • 20% OFF site wide with code BLACKFRIDAY2022

  • check them out here


  • beef protein powder, excellent collagen, clean carbs and beef liver caps.

  • thru11/29

  • 20% off when 2 products are ordered

  • 30% off with 4 products are ordered

  • 40% off when 6+ products are ordered

  • New customers can get 20% off with code EQBFCM22 (no minimums)

  • Anyone who starts a subscription can take an extra 20% off their first order with code BCFMSUB – 35% off total (no minimums)

  • Free US shipping at $90. Free gift when you spend $200.

  • check them out here (time sensitive link)


  • tallow based skin care for anti-aging and repair, my fav!

  • thru 11/28


  • check them out here


  • this super yummy and quality organic coffee is mixed with the power of adaptogenic mushrooms.

  • on going sale

  • 15% OFF site wide with code NATUROPATHMELISSA

  • check them out here


  • practitioner grade and practitioner lines of supplements and more

  • an additional 10% off 11/25-11/30, automatically taken off at checkout

  • free priority shipping on first orders (unique to my dispensary) and free shipping at $50

  • check out my practitioner dispensary here

  • I have over 40 hand picked protocols (such as ulcers, ENT issues, SIBO, H pylori, MCAS, CV, my magnesium guide, restless leg, UTI issues and more) to help guide you, free to view


  • supercharge your self-care and boost holistic recovery with wellness tools using nature-inspired technologies to release a DOSE of feel-good chemicals — AKA, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins — that elevate your mood, promote a healthy glow, support long-term health benefits, and lift your spirit. I love the go PEMF map (great for lymphedema) and copper dry brush!

  • thru 11/29

  • 20% OFF site wide with my link plus bundle pricing that can save over $500

  • check them out here


  • my fav liquid ready to go bone broth, chili and delicious soups

  • thru 11/28

  • 12 cartons → 20% OFF + FREE shipping: CODE: BF20

  • 18 cartons → 23% OFF: CODE: BF23

  • 24 cartons → 26% OFF: CODE: BF26

  • 30 cartons → 30% OFF + Mystery Gift: CODE: BF30

  • check them out here


  • my fav magnesium bicarbonate products and water filters

  • thru 11/28

  • Get $300 off a PristineHydro® Under Counter Water Revival SystemTM or $200 off a Travel Water Revival SystemTM. Plus a free jar of our best-selling Electrolyte Balance® Powder, a $90 value! This amazing deal puts $290-$390 back in your pocket while providing you with a life changing Water Revival SystemTM

  • check them out here


  • Excellent Vitamin E and dissolve it all proteolytic enzymes, beef liver, Vitamin C, Oyster, Beef liver

  • thru 11/30

  • 20% OFF site wide with my link

  • check them out here


  • my favs beef, pork and turkey sticks, organ complex, fish roe, watermelon, orange and lemon electrolytes, bone broth protein powder, whey protein w/ colostrum, chocolate and pumpkin spice bars and collagen, so good!

  • thru 12/2

  • 30% OFF subscriptions for life, or 20% OFF your one-time order with my link above. You can also simply cancel or pause your subscription after your first 30% off to get the deepest savings.

  • check them out here (time sensitive link)


  • my fav collagen, gelatin, liver and multi-organs, liver detox, acerola vit c, chlorella, spirulina, coconut oil, etc..

  • on going sale

  • buy 3 Perfect Supplement brand items, save 20%, buy 6, save 25% and then stack my code MELISSA for an additional 10% off, making them 35% OFF.

  • check them out here


  • wholesome seasonal meal delivery service shipped fresh. Chef prepared and fresh to your door. Nationwide delivery.

  • Order $150 worth of meals and get $25 OFF.

  • code: PETESBFCM2022 with my link


  • truly INCREDIBLE teas, they are triple screened for heavy metals, pesticides and toxic mold (very common in tea even organic). Pique teas consist of organic teas and herbs from family farms. Patented crystallization technology is the most effective way to extract phytonutrients from plants. No tea bags made of microplastics soaking in your hot water. They have GORGEOUS gift bundles, including an Ode to Joy Pique Tea gift that is truly beautiful and even plays a song.

  • thru 11/28

  • spend $200 and you can unlock a complimentary 5-piece gift set (a $100 value). And get 5% off site wide with my code MELISSA. *All items will automatically add to the cart once the minimum threshold is met. The 5-piece gift set includes: a sample pack with 12 premium products, bamboo box, Pique frother, glass beaker, Pique healer's cup

  • check them out here


  • benefits include increased circulation, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, deep sleep, releases endorphins, boosts blood flow up-regulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest & I am safe mode). At home acupressure 24/7 at your finger tips.

  • thru 12/7

  • up to 30% OFF prana mat sets

  • sale applies with my link HERE, no code needed.


  • natural skin care, so nourishing.

  • thru 11/28

  • 20% OFF site wide with code BFCM-NATUROPATHMELISSA20

  • check them out here


  • organ based seasonings, make great stocking stuffers! All purpose (the OG), spicy, garlic & herb and pure.

  • thru 11/30

  • 30% OFF site wide with my link


  • ozonated oil soaps, deodorants, suppositories and ozonated gum and tooth support

  • thru 11/28

  • FREE US SHIPPING on orders of $19.95 or more,15% coupon that can be used on future order, Spend $50, get $10 off, Spend $100, get $20 off, Spend $200, get $40 off

  • check them out here


  • one of my absolute favorite drainage pathways opening therapeutic tools ever! Helps with deep sleep & relaxation, improved digestion, absorption & bm's, enhanced antioxidant levels & elimination of toxins (via glutathione), liver/gallbladder support, balanced microbiome by the breakdown of biofilm.

  • thru 11/28

  • 15% OFF ALL Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Packs and wellness products until midnight tonight! PLUS free shipping on orders *$60 or over (*applicable to US orders only) with this link.


  • unrefined sea salt mine from an ancient sea bed in Utah where it's safe from modern pollutants. It's pure, unprocessed and full of trace minerals.

  • on going sale

  • 10% OFF site wide with code MELISSA

  • check them out here




  • my favorite bed grounding mat, excellent for pain and insomnia, I love mine!

  • on going sale

  • #1. Ground Therapy Sleep Mat & Pillowcase Combo Packs They offer combo packages on their website for combinations of sleep mats and/or pillowcases that provide discounts of up to 25% (over purchasing these items individually). Be sure to select them from the dropdown menu to get the savings. You do not need a discount code for the combo packages, the discounts are built into the price of the combo w/ my link.

  • #2. Universal Mat 2-Pack One Universal Mat is $69, but their Universal Mat 2-Pack is only $99, which saves you $39. The discount is built into the Universal Mat 2-Pack's price, so no discount code is required, just my link.

  • UL offers free 2-day shipping on all orders over $99*, a 30-day money back guarantee, and several awesome bonus gifts.

  • Bonus gifts include...

  • The Earthing paperback book by Clint Ober (comes with all grounding product kits except the Universal Mat)

  • Online access to these documentary films:

  • The Earthing Movie (1:16:01)

  • The Grounded (1:04:46)

  • Accelerated Recovery & Wound Healing in the Tour de France (2:48)

  • all deals apply with my link HERE, no code needed.


  • structuring your water makes it ALIVE and bioavailable to your cells, glands and tissues. I love mine!

  • thru 1/2

  • 20% OFF site wide with this link


  • 100% ceramic cookware from glaze to core. No ceramic "coating", non-toxic, non reactive, no leaching of chemicals because there are none, no glues, no polymers, no resins, no PFOA's (forever chemicals). I love my set!

  • 11/25-11/27 Black Friday Sale, 25% Off Everything Site-Wide + Free Shipping, stack code MELISSA on TOP of the deals.

  • thru 11/30 Cyber Monday Sales Event. 25% Off Everything Site-Wide + Free Shipping over $95, stack code MELISSA on TOP of the deals.

  • check them out here


  • organic essential oils, thieves cleaner, non-toxic make-up and plant based soaps

  • thru11/30

  • Up to 50% off Black Friday specials!

  • wholesale discount and seasonal sales with my link HERE




Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. May it be full of the joy, health, awareness, peace and hope that we all truly need!

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